Saturday, April 30, 2011

Painting with an Airman

"Take a painting lesson from the airman. He doesn't have a formal education in art, but he does have permission from the united states Gov. to carry a paint brush. Any one and every should and can create. Laugh, cry, enjoy! The arts doesn't have to always be so serious."

Take it with a grain of salt, I am pushing for creative freedom, something ive only recently been able to enjoy as an artist. Clients and life will suck the fun outta of the job, but i love'em anyway! I guess over all I just want to release some of the weirdness trapped inside


  1. You're a trip. Nicely done!!!

  2. Only you...

  3. You should've titled this, "The Eccentric Airman!" Lol, dude I loved it. Initially I thought it was just sarcasm, but I see that your art is truly a monument to your inner soul.

    Glad to see your still keeping sanity in check... lol