Saturday, August 14, 2010


I composed the previous cloud studies to visualizes what i want the background message to finally convey. The clouds in the sky above cascade into the upper portion of the painting naturally as they would in the real sky. I keep content away from being artificial by staying away from inventing patterns that don't naturally exist.

But, the clouds almost create a step motion that draws the attention into the distant background up into the heavens. The clouds also lead you down into the foreground where the illuminated figure will sit in the golden throne, alluding to the power possessed to lead you back into the heavens.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I want the background to convey a powerful message. I want the background to be deep, and bright. I want he background to be dynamic. I want the observer to feel overwhelmed and captured by the vastness and size of the background. That effect places the observer in a position of awe as they have to step back further and further away from the work in order not to feel swallowed deep into its content. The observer becomes lost in the painting at any distance and finds them selves falling forward into the work again, trying to capture and understand every little detail.

Im working on cloud designs for the infinite sky background. I want to create a god like effect on the observer. I want the observer to feel as if they are staring into an endless sky as they peer deep.

As you can see above, Im working with a couple of models that play with simple cloud designs. Clouds have a very organic shape which creates many dynamic shadows once these shapes are composed. A lot of work goes into creating these shapes, while keeping the lightness of the cloud. The difficulty for me comes into play when we talk about creating an infinite sky. The problem is perspective and making sure you create the right perspective in order to achieve the infinite sky effect.

My next illustration will show my finalized infinite sky rendering. Please leave comments and or critiques.

The CREATIVE process - Begining to end

I was recently inspired to create a giant piece of art work. New inspiration, taking steps through the creative process. Every piece analyzed, designed, redesigned, and made to fit within the work.

I am starting out with the preliminary work, the figures, the measurements, the colors, the subject orientations, etc. All aspects will be covered that comprise the bigger pictures. You can almost call it the outline for the painting.

At every step I post, I would like feed back if possible. I will post a particular section that is under construction, and you the observer can give constructive criticism. (Constructive criticism is giving valid points as to what and why you think something should be or not be.)

This will be a slow and gradual process, but once its starts to come together you will be amazed. Its all apart of the creative process.