Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rohaun + Slick Rick

Rohaun + Slick Rick in Atlanta. What more can i say, i got to meet a master at his game.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rohaun + I Do Music + ATL

We back at it again, this time at the loft in atl. "I DO MUSIC", is a showcase for up and coming stars. The crowd was live, the work was flowing, and all was well. Check out the vid.

I know i aint much for talking, but if u got a prob with it then (b.i.o.y.a)....lol just joking...

Friday, August 28, 2009


Off the wall showing i did in Atlanta at halo lounge.
This place attracted all types of people, Enjoy the vid.
High Points of the night:

1. Was late starting the show after getting lost in the crowd of the art+beats and lyrics concert.
2. Pushing back drinks givin to me from random people
3. Some of the guest were so excited about the painting, they had to put in there own lil stroke.
4. Some chick snatched the brush from my hand and told me "your doing it wrong!"
5. Huff had to restrain another chick because she was trying to assault me about why i wasn't painting a picture of her.
6. Theres more stuff but you will have to hit me up to get the rest.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jazz for justice + Rohaun + Tallahassee, Mayor marks

This event was great. Met alot of interesting people that entertained me while i entertained them. Had a hour long conversation about Louis Armstrong (funny as hell). I didnt know he was the greatest trumpet player. Anyway Thanks to Mary for the invite, thanks to Dave for the connect, and thanks to Mayor Marks for the donation.

The jazz for justice charity event is a benefit for the Children's Programs at Legal Services of North Florida, a non-profit organization providing no-cost civil legal assistance to the poor. Regional and internationally known jazz and blues performers entertain the guests under the oaks at Tallahassee's premiere French Restaurant.

A donation for auction was a live art piece which was donated by Art Assist. The artist Rohaun created the work as the crowd enjoys the music by famous jazz artist from around the world.

Donation totaled 750 dollars from the painting, towards Jazz for justice initiatives.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Death to painted tee shirts by: ROHAUN (he looked at his creation and saw that it was good. Then the second day he put them to sleep, there time was

The is a past project experimenting with tee shirts. It was really hot at the time. Yeah I sold’em and made some money, but I was really trying to expand what hip hop art was when the whole miskeen thing started. Trying to understand the dynamic behind urban culture and art. How in the hell they get 1000’s of people to buy art. DUH! Put it on a tee shirt…lol…So put that to sleep, its time to step ya game up and go to the next level. Death to painted tee shirts, buy a painting or two, get a commissioned piece. Invest in ya future…

Monday, July 27, 2009

ART+ASSIST - The project that gives back through art

The project that i created to give back to The community...Local charity auction, in which i donated this work that brought a 500 dollar profit for Tallahassee big bend cares. Please let me know if you have a organizations that might need help, We will evaluate and get back to you with a response, Rohaun.com is where other work can be viewed.