Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Evolution: visions of color and shape.

It was a long and hard road to become the artist I am today. The transition was complicated because I had to many ideas. The nights were long because I could not sleep until I figured "it" out. I didn’t stay up and paint all night like some, or become a deranged lunatic, wandering the streets looking for truth and meaning. I simply lived my life, and dealt with the growing pains. I went through phases and periods in which I had to learn different aspects. I had to sit alone with my self, and get closer to my individuality. I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t go to school for art, I didn’t have a clue. All I had was visions of colors and shapes.

I started out my art and design path with clothing and graffiti style painting. I grew up inside a box of my minds creation. I had no idea about music, fashion, or the world for that matter. When I look back at it, I think that my work was directly linked to my state of mind. While I always had ability to create, I was never passionate about anything to make the effort. Money became the first factor, which I pursed when I was introduced to art and fashion. I approached design problems from an analytical standpoint because of the nature of the art; it was about function not just form. I was less concerned with content, or message, and more interested in style and color. This helped me develop a stylized method of painting. It grew and I completed over 1000 different designs. I received a sense of satisfaction from this, but it just wasn’t enough.

Paint on decorative fabric:

The search goes on. I’m back in that place of unrest and my satisfaction is decreasing. I was seeing a lot of colors, and feeling the need to be grand. In this paintings you can see bold color combination that seem to never end. I tried to include any and every combination that I could find. It was honestly uncontrolled energy, and misdirection. The painting is grand, and consumed me as I stood facing it. The idea of the painting can only be presented with words, HIP-HOP! But the painting its self could mean anything. Where am I to go next, what am I to do to make sense of this? This conglomerate of colors and words!

Giant mural exploring color combinations

Color and random objects, exploring color, material, and objects.

I have all ways had a fascination with the human face, so naturally it was the next transformation. What is it about the human face that is so complex but yet delicate. Learning to paint is a laborious task. The details transcend just line and formal geometric shapes. The face is organic and deep. The changes in shape create an entire new person. I wanted the colors and shapes I saw to mean more, to have an identity. I wanted to explore the most basic aspects of the face. So I started off with black and white.

Henry Kissinger study, BW on huge vinyl canvas:

Then there was color! Wild and untamed color. Wide stokes and hard shadows. Colors contrary to the original image. It was almost as if I had a mental imbalance that would not allow me to paint in the "normal" color range. Every time I tried I would almost feel overwhelmed by the urge to include more! The main thing is, I was able to communicate the intensity of the mans face. The passion began to burn within me to go further every time I would view this painting.

Old man on board with frame

Lets try to control that color and form. In this painting, the internal structure is more controlled, the colors transitions are less intense, and the painting its self is more human.

But it isn’t enough I need more! I need to feel life and energy. I need this painting to grow on its own even if I have to sacrifice some control. Even with painting free form, live, and in front of an audience I still had restrictions. I managed to solve each problem as it came. I built a fold up display that was 6 feet tall. This allowed me keep a large size while being portable. I experimented with different materials to create favorable condition to maximize my performance. But, there were unsolved problems starting out! The thing is, to move colors that fast you must have an extreme understanding of your subject and your materials. So I had to start off with black and white again! It was a new era in my path to become. It was like the grinder, where your talent is born in the fire of instant judgment and competition. I never imagined the whirlwind that would come from this step.

Black and white live painting on vinyl canvas.

When I finally made an attempt at color, I had to recall my ability to process color and shape quickly. The key was memory and layers. I had to remember anywhere from 3 to 10 different color and layer positions at the same time. And I had to recall these position fast to complete a painting in the time. The energy was intense, and the results were undeniable. I was performing mental acrobatics in painting on a weekly basis, and for some time was satisfied. The response to the paintings was tremendous. But as time went on, the urges came back, and yet again I was not satisfied, and even more lost and confused.

Color live painting

I wanted to extend the concept beyond the normal usage. The predictable placement of colors, the familiar painted face, etc. These forms are the foundations of painting, but yet they were restricted. Was there a way to paint life I ask? Can I paint in free form and have all the familiar aspects that come along with it. That began my tour with body art.

Free form body painting

Why was I limiting my self to just body? How about the body into the canvas? It seemed right to perform these operations together.

More complex in its execution, causing a further exploration of the subject. Still missing something. Time passes...

Even more complex completed canvas, along with completed body

Combing faces, free flowing colors, words, and concepts from my earlier work. I was curious about the outcome of live painting on decorative fabrics with elaborate backgrounds, and various textures. Starting first in the black and white. Finally, I was breaking from my confusion, and starting to gain light. I have been free form painting, body painting, Dealing with fashion and decor, color/shape, and random objects. But yet, I am still encountering problems dealing with design and execution.

This is the hybrid form of everything from the past. This painting, this simple painting includes so much you wouldn’t believe. I realize the journey that I have been traveling exposed me to each and every process for a reason. I wouldn’t have known how to combine these concepts in a functional manner if it had not been for years of working with them. I have a deeper understand of how the creative process works because of this journey. I can see with clarity, my future work and how I will create it.

The only way I am able to accomplish anything is through growth and self-actualization. This process evolved more than just my art; it evolved me, mentally and physically. I grew up within my work, and now I have a mature concept that was born of the experiences of the past. This is a chronological timeline of work that demonstrates how much it really takes to identify a style that communicates what you want. I feel as if I have traveled to the shore of my imagination and style, where confusion is behind me and an endless ocean of progress is ahead. I feel empowered to create as I want, and the confusion that I use to feel no longer restricts me. I can look past the world of influence, judgment, and games finally to create and communicate as I see. What I have in store next goes to the next level, the place where we began our life’s work.

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