Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beyonce ft Rohaun - Flaws and All (freestyle painting)

This song represents a struggle to be great, but falling short at times exposing your flaws. Most of all, how the people in your like except you regardless. I appreciate those people, and realize how we help each other become great by working through it all. Had a great time making this video and hope you enjoy it.

And I toiled away trying to figure "it" out. Trying to understand what will bring me to that place we all fight so hard to get too. Its not easy, and you we will make alot of mistakes. When they say its about the journey and not the destination, I feel they mean you should stop and appreciate all the things that make you who you are. because when you finally arrive, you want to be able to recall past memories to accompany your new place and status. If it weren't for those past experiences then the destination would be hard to enjoy because you will always be searching for the things you should have had along the journey. Maybe im rambling on?

But basically along my journey I see a million flaws within my self. My fondest memories will be of the people who chose not only to except me unconditionally, but also motivated me even when it seemed I wouldnt be going far. My determination is stead fast, and I hope to accomplish something one day. Slowly it begins to make sense, and I realize its less about what I think and more about what I do.

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