Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The CREATIVE process - Begining to end

I was recently inspired to create a giant piece of art work. New inspiration, taking steps through the creative process. Every piece analyzed, designed, redesigned, and made to fit within the work.

I am starting out with the preliminary work, the figures, the measurements, the colors, the subject orientations, etc. All aspects will be covered that comprise the bigger pictures. You can almost call it the outline for the painting.

At every step I post, I would like feed back if possible. I will post a particular section that is under construction, and you the observer can give constructive criticism. (Constructive criticism is giving valid points as to what and why you think something should be or not be.)

This will be a slow and gradual process, but once its starts to come together you will be amazed. Its all apart of the creative process.

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